1. Robyn Hitchcock & Bangalore/"Book"
2. Josh Alan/"Vacation"
3. Dave Alvin/"November"
4. George Cartwright/"Baby"
5. Michael Hall & The.../"Rolling Stone"
6. Songs From A Random House/"Eggs"
7. Love Camp 7/"Spectacle Eye Glasses"
8. Terri Templeton/"Eyes"
9. Dump/"White Worms"
10. Amy Denio/"Duplex Nursing Home"
11. Michael Eck/"Handle With Care"
12. The Figgs/"Citizens Band"
13. The Incredible Casuals/"Ape"
14. The Colorblind.../"The Long Goodbye"
15. Dryer/"May"
Duplex Planet / Ernie: Songs of Ernest Noyes Brookings

Duplex Planet founder David Greenberger does it again with Volume 5 of the Ernest Noyes Brookings recordings: "Ernie: Songs of Ernest Noyes Brookings". A former engineer and resident of the Duplex nursing home in Boston, where David Greenberger was employed as Activities Director in the early 80's, Ernest Noyes Brookings (encouraged by Greenberger) began to write poetry at the age of 80. Ernie proved to be a prolific poet, and by his death in 1987 had left the world roughly 400 poems on any number of subjects: "Paris", "Macaroni", "Robot", "Eyes" - all illuminated by the light of his unique vision and expression.

This recording of Ernie's poems set to music features Terri Templeton, Robyn Hitchcock & Bangalore, The Figgs, and a host of other musicians and songwriters chosen by Greenberger to showcase the talent of the one and only Ernest Noyes Brookings.